How To Zero A Rifle Scope or sight

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Survival and Hunting Skills downloads Worst case scenario survival handbook US Army Sniper Guide Free shooting skills downloads Worst case scenario survival handbooks US Army Sniper Guides
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I set Zeroriflescope up back in 2007 as a simple FAQs site to support my eBay rifle scopes business. I found that I was getting a lot of questions on how to set up scopes from customers and ended up with a whole load of text files with ready prepared answers. Not very efficient I thought.

So I set the site up with the core mission of advising on the question of "how to zero a rifle scope" and I'm happy to say this has been a great success, loads of praise received for the help it provides

And, with nearly no SEO apart from a rather successful Ezinearticles article, it has several top spots in Google for the phrase and related phrases.

Following on from this core I have added all manner of extra pages, a very popular ones being the how to choose the right mounts page. In addition the sniper guide has sold very well for me and I have built a list  of about 2000 subscribers for my free hunting tips and military stuff email series.


Visitors are mainly from the UK and USA

I offer extremely reasonable rates both on site and in the email series (lower than most of my peers would recommend) because I WANT my advertisers to make money and come back for more.

I am also happy to consider email solus. The list is double opt in and very niche specific so for the right offer could offer good results.

Email your ideas, questions or requests to me, Nick - at -


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