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Survival and Hunting Skills downloads Worst case scenario survival handbook US Army Sniper Guide Free shooting skills downloads Worst case scenario survival handbooks US Army Sniper Guides
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US Army Sniper Guide (Selling here for $7, free when you order)
A great seller on my scopes website at -  Learn the field craft, concealment and shooting principles taught to some of the worlds best shooters.

Worst Case Survival Guide and Emergency Preparation Tips (Selling here for $7, free when you order)

How and what to do to prepare for any sort of disaster or emergency, man made or natural. Also includes extra guides: Emergency Preparation When Disaster Strikes, How to Improve your Home Security and 101 Emergency Tips.


Printable Targets Mega Pack

Loads of PDF and jpeg/gif image file targets you can print from your computer. Everything from official type range targets to comedy and crazy.


Principles of the Quick Kill (Free on this site when you sign for the email list)

For when you don’t have time to use a scope… Shooting from the hip and shoulder on reflex - How to do it like a special ops vet...well almost ;-)


10,000 Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

OK a bit leftfield for this page maybe but if pub quizzes are your thing then this is a great big set. Note – Some answers may be out of date and there are a few errors on some answers so if you use them for a serious pub quiz double check the answers first.


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Learn all about rifle scopes shooting, marksmanship, camouflage, how to make hides and how to track targets in the US Army Sniper Guide. Download it here


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