How To Zero A Rifle Scope or sight

For Air Rifle shooters

and combat gamers

Survival and Hunting Skills downloads Worst case scenario survival handbook US Army Sniper Guide Free shooting skills downloads Worst case scenario survival handbooks US Army Sniper Guides
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Zero Rifle Scope Free Skills Library - Join form at bottom of the page

Our painfully searched for and found libraries of skills manuals and downloads and top links for hard to find info.

To get access all you need to do is sign up as a member of Zero Rifles Scopes. (Free of course!)

All this means is that you'll get a series emails from me each one of which has a link in it to a new free cool resource that's all about skills that will be of interest and/or use to you if you do one or more of the following:

  • Hunt - for any type of prey from rats to elk, boar and bigger
  • Target shoot
  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Regular, reserve and cadet military
  • Anyone in need of better fieldcraft skills e.g., concealment and camo for things like wildlife photography, game keeping etc
  • Anyone interested in military stuff - Current and historical, info and photos and even audio and video...I'll tell you where to find some really good stuff.  

The series you'll receive:

  • Part 1 - Principles of the Quick Kill - Shooting from the hip and shoulder on reflex - How to do it like a special ops vet...well almost ;-)

  • Part 2 - US Army Shooting Team - Countersniper Guide
    • Unlikely (I hope) that you'll ever really be shot at in anger but this guide has some excellent scope use and zeroing info
    • Plus it's interesting anyway!

  • Part 3 - Classic - Scouting, Patrolling, Sniping - Issued 1944: A real wartime manual this one!
    • Really good timeless principles of soldiering from a time when combat was not computerised and it all came down to good strong fieldcraft.
    • Read what the WW2 warrior's read.

  • Part 4 - Great military stuff part 1:
    • US Military legal (JAGs) history, e.g., The Reno Court of Inquiry on Conduct at the Battle of Little Big Horn River.
    • Films of nuclear tests.
    • World War 2 photos and poster downloads.

  • Part 5 - Great military stuff part 2:
    • US Army - Photos and info, downloads, desktop wallpaper etc
    • USAF - Photos and info by aircraft type. really cool.
    • US Navy - Photos and info - 2 sites, History and current. Tens of thousands of images.

  • Part 6 - Great military and, this time, civil stuff too part 3: This is really tasty stuff...

    • US Military-DOD images, pictures and info overall super/giga-site:
      • Links to all official US Governement and DOD military sites (down to regimental level)
      • Loads of non govt info and photo collection sites.
      • An absolute diamond of a site with years worth of info to track down on.
    • As is a place called Vector - This one is especially good for air, space and military technology.
    • Civilian - Guide to disasters - being prepared for anything and how to deal with the worst if it happens - From floods to bombs to the end of the world. This is the USA one so is not hopelessly daft like anything from Gordon Brown's not so merry men UK government. Hmmm, a good read given how the world is going these days!
    • Pearl Harbour audio interviews.
    • The US Government "Master" links super site. Enough here to keep you busy surfing for years.

  • Part 7 - Real cool stuff this one. The Canadian Army Guide to Ambush and Counter Ambush.
    • The business for you paintballers and airsoft guys plus many practical applications and tips for stealth hunters.
    • 81 page PDF download.

  • Part 8 - From Canada again, the Canadian Army Close Quarter Combat Guide.
    • By this I mean hand to hand with hands, feet, knees, elbows and implements like knives, helmets...anything that comes to hand.
    • Also down in the dirt military self-defense moves and training routines.
    • Clearly this guide is for educational purposes only!
    • 175 page PDF download.

  • Part 9 - 101 Ways to Prepare for Emergencies and Survive Disasters
    • The title of this one says it all! 16 pages of good solid common sense that's obvious when you read it but you may not have thought of before.

The link for Part 1 will be sent to you as soon as you sign up. The links for the following parts will be sent over the next few days. It's a lot of info so I won't overload you all at once!

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