How To Zero A Rifle Scope or sight

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Survival and Hunting Skills downloads Worst case scenario survival handbook US Army Sniper Guide Free shooting skills downloads Worst case scenario survival handbooks US Army Sniper Guides
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Learn how to deal with and survive natural and man-made disasters and emergencies in the "Worst Case Survival Guide"Download it here

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Great Military stuff part 1

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  • Operational Law Handbook, 2007 (PDF) New!
  • Geneva Conventions  CLAMO 
  • The Army Lawyer (1971-2007) 
  • War Crimes Trials Materials
  • Army JAG Corps Historical Monographs  Military Law Review (1958-2007)
  • Manuals for Courts-Martial Updated!  UCMJ Legislative History
  • U.S. Army TJAGLCS: Selected Theses  U.S. Army Field Manuals . . .
  • Ethics Handbook for Army Leaders  Army Regulations
  • Military Law Historical Monographs, Studies,
  • Ethics and Fiscal Documents
  • Texts and Treatises Updated!  Legislative Histories
  • U.S. Army TJAGLCS Library Historical Collections
  • The Reno Court of Inquiry (Conduct at the Battle of Little Big Horn River)
  • The Lieber Collection
  • Trial of Captain Henry Wirz (Commandant, Andersonville Prison)
  • Martial Law in Hawaii: Papers of MG Thomas H. Green . . .
  • Nazi Saboteurs Trial, Washington, D.C., 1944
  • Enactments and Approved Papers . . . (1945-1948)
  • Nuremberg Trials Updated!
  • Report of the Deputy Judge Advocate for War Crimes, European Command
  • Malmedy Massacre Investigation
  • Korean War Atrocities. Senate Hearing and Report...1953-1954
  • Peers Inquiry (My Lai)
  • Trial of LT William Calley
  • American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1970 (PDF)
  • Investigation of the My Lai Incident 
  • This is a great collection of film clips of tests from the mid 40's to as recent as they still did them. Including classic shots that have been played on the news and documentaries year after year.
  • The full films - some of them hours long - can also be ordred from this place though from what they say they're only on VHS tape! Maybe a job for some sort of VHS to DVD conversion trickery.
  • World War 2 photos - Great royalty free collections from home front to battle front. Use as you like.

  • WW2 poster downloads - Loads of classics along the lines of "Join up and be a man" and "give up your pots and pans to make tanks"
  • Also Download my Favourite Resources List. It's full of useful and fun hunting, shooting, fishing and off the wall products (e.g., how to be a bounty hunter) products. Download PDF HERE


Learn all about rifle scopes, shooting, marksmanship, camouflage, how to make hides and how to track targets in the US Army Sniper Guide. Download it here

130+ Military Audio Books to Download - all open in new window -

For example

Act of War  Dreamland: Razor's Edge Gettysburg Day 1 - Good Ground Navy Seals - Blacklight



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