How To Zero A Rifle Scope or sight

For Air Rifle shooters

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How to Zero a Laser Sight

Scope mounted laser sights are a great addition to any rifle and scope set up.

For hunting they are brilliant in low light and in the dark.

For combat gaming like airsoft and paintball they add to the fun making it all more special forces and SWAT like!

How to zero a laser sight







It's easy enough to plonk a laser on top of a scope and stroll about looking cool and spec ops - but if you just do that you won't have it so that the laser dot falls where the cross hair is on the scope.

That's OK if it's just for fun. But if you want to use the laser dot in conjunction with the scope cross hairs then you need to zero the laser in with the scope.

So - How to Zero a Laser Sight...

Models of laser vary but typically you will have a figure 8 mounting bracket which you should fit to the telescopic scope before you fit the telescopic scope to the rifle.

- To do this follow the scope zero instructions on my how to zero a scope page

Once you've zeroed the scope it's time to sort the laser fitting and zeroing out:

  1. Put the laser unit onto the mounting bracket
  2. Fit the top locking bracket on top and tighten using gentle partial turns
  3. Your aim is to have it sitting as level as possible with even pressure downwards on it.

Once it is fitted turn the laser on and look through the scope - it is very unlikely that the laser dot will be where the scope cross hair is at first.

Like the scope itself the laser must also be zeroed if you want to use the 2 of them together.

Laser Sight Zero Method 1:
The lasers I sell have 4 small screws at the front that adjust the beam minutely up-down-left and right. A small Allen key goes into the screws and the method is:

  1. Unscrew the small screws so that they are near all the way out.
  2. Then screw slowly back in one at a time taking note of how this affect the laser dot in relation to the crosshair.

Laser Sight Zero method 2 (Customer supplied method):
I like this one a lot as I find that at times the screws don't work as well as they should. In such a case this method can really get the zero sorted out.

  1. With the laser loosely in place rotate it round until the dot lines up with the vertical line
  2. Then move the laser back or forward depending if the dot needs to move up or down.
  3. And fiddle about with the small Allen key and 4 holes at the front to find tune once you are very close.

Laser Sight Zero method 3 (Customer supplied method):
A good one to use in conjunction with the others.

  1. This is for the 4 small screws at the front.
  2. Unscrew the top and bottom (or left and right) and screw the side opposite the direction you need the laser to move in
  3. It should move it significantly in the right direction.
  4. If it does not experiment wiht other screws in the same kind of way.
  5. Don't force the screws once they are fully in. They can omly go in so far and as they are very small they are easily rounded off with too much pressure.

Problems with the laser beam strength or with a beam bouncing off the top of your scope?

Until now this was a return to base for a swap job. Now it need not be. Initiative taking customer Chris Keir shows you how to make your laser better than new.


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