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Laser sight problem solving

Laser sight problem solving - SMK LS range laser sights can suffer from beam problems and ability to zero issues.

The standard solution when one is a bit dodgy is to send it back for a swap (and hope the swap is OK :-o)

If you're a bit handy it's possible to not only solve the problem but come out with a much better than standard spec laser!

All round handyman and custom gun case and stock man Chris Keir takes us through it here. Chris, by the way, is available for custom work on scopes, stocks and to make beautiful cases for guns or accessories. This man is multi talented -  See some example pictures here and if you're interested in some custom work drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with him.

So - Got a dud or dim laser?

There were 2 problems - A dim beam that faded and died + the mount not taking the laser high enough off the scope so that there was some beam bouncing.

  • Fancy trying to fix it and make it better than new?
  • Here's how - In Chris's own words

The problem was really the beam dying when clamped, when rotated, when anything really, and fading as if batteries were dying.

So I had a good look and a think....

  1. Cleaned solder - the contact is the switch cap. .didn't make any difference. (Ed - do it anyway just in case as problem reasons vary)

  2. The aperture for the beam has a piece of plastic membrane across it behind the front face of the unit...
    • With a rough hole much smaller than the aperture punched in the plastic and way off centre.
    • I reckon this membrane is part of the production process to keep dust and swarf from getting in..and gets a hole punched in at point of packing where its immediately sealed in its foam lined box.
    • So scalpel blade and removed it completely...Call it Post Purchase Quality control!

  3. Then thought about how the circuit works...
    • Aha. The bodyshell is the other contact apart from the solder one.
    • And all the threads are coated in the same black finish as the outer.
    • Some work with wire wool and a pin to clean along the threads and bring it to bright metal surface...

  4. Result...A good rock solid bright beam unaffected by anything apart from the on/off switch.

Beam Bouncing off scope solved -

Then cut a pad of rubber sheet about 12mm square and contact adhesive fixed it to the clamp that takes the bottom half of the laser unit to lift it a little so it didn't bounce off the scope body.. Now its spot on ! ( Pun also intended !)

Also put an aluminium ring around one of the scope caps... Just cos it fitted and it personalised them  Its on the pics..

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