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Leapers Rifle scopes - Reviews and the Best Place to Buy them today

Leapers are an American company specializing in a wide range of rifle scopes and related products such as mounts, bases, handles, grips, tactical torches, lasers, bipods, tac clothing - lots. See for the full load, a very good website it is too.

Most of the products are made in China but to exacting USA quality standards. They do however have problems with the Chinese locals making lower grade copies and selling them as the real thing. So if buying a Leapers scope first make sure it is the real thing and not a copy.

Chances are if you buy a "really good price one" from some guy in Hong Kong then it is not real. Sure it will look good but after a few shots from a big recoil gun it may well fail you. Leapers have a real issue with this, see their website where they have a warning up.

The scopes reviewed

I'll say right now that I am not unbiased. I have been selling Leapers scopes since August 2008 and think they are great both in terms of quality at any price and, more to the point, the quality at the pruces they sell at which is only at a level that most serious shooters would call the level above budget. How thry make them so good and sell them so cheap I do not know but in my shop they outsell Nikko and Bushnell scopes in the same price range at a rate of 20:1.

The models I can comment on:

The UTG Pro range - 3-9x32 "Bug Buster", 3-9x40, 3-9x50, 4-16x50 and 6-24x50.

All of them are:

  • 25mm tube. 1 Piece - "Battle" tested on the most vicious recoil air rifles AND firearms so there are no worries about them being killed by scope killer rifles.
  • Have red-green-black reticle illumination adjustable by SWAT (Side Wheel Adjust Turret) wheels
  • Are mil dot reticle
  • Are parallax adjust by way of AO (Adjustable Objective) lens
  • Have finger adjust-lock and reset windage and elevation turrets.
  • Come with flip up front and rear caps and easy screw on-off sniper sunshades.

Problems reported?

Few and far between. Literally hundreds sold and a handful of returns ever due to manufacture faults not any product feature or in action performance reason. Some users have found the lock and reset turrets hard  to get the hang at first but Leapers do provide good guides to this and common issues are easily solved. Only one has returned for this reason and that customer...well...not the sharpest pencil






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