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Finding Places to Hunt and Shoot

I decided to do a page on finding places to hunt and shoot after getting the question asked on ebay a few times. It's not nearly as easy to find good places as it is worth airsoft or paintball. For starters those who have them don't want to share them - the opposite of combat gaming - And, unless you're lucky enough to live near to a large, wild, free public access area (not many of those about in the UK) you can't just go out and pop away. 

Great new USA hunting lodges

We have recently opened a 4-cabin retreat, and hope to catrer to hunters during any and all of the seasons; we are located in Ozark County, Missouri, and are surrounded on three sides by the Mark Twain National Forest.  We literally have a hunters' paradise here, and hope to be able to attract serious and responsible hunters to our property. 
Although we are open year 'round, we will use black-outs during all hunting seasons so only hunters will fill the cabins.  You can look at our property and cabins by going to  Ignore the no-hunting info, we have a new partner,  and have changed our policy to cater to hunters, it will soon be reflected on our website, advertising, and brochures. 
We have many deer and turkey on our 600 acre retreat, as well as wild pigs. Please call early for reservations, they will fill up fast.


And nearby also in the Ozarks

I own and operate a 1000 acre cattle ranch in Southern Missouri near Mt. Grove, 45 miles East of Springfield.  This is a family run cattle and sheep ranch.  We are now opening the ranch to deer and turkey hunters.  Our focus is to provide an economical place for safe hunters to enjoy this part of our ranch. 
I would like the opportunity to present our ranch to your group as a sight for hunting and for enjoying what the Ozarks has to offer.  We see several groups of turkey every day as we check livestock.  As a ranch we employ practices to promote deer populations which has given us remarkable results.
Lots of great outdoor family fun and group fun events too.
Cody & Dawnnell Holmes
Rockin H Ranch
5805 Curtner Rd
Norwood, MO  65717

I'd like feedback for this page and am happy to do links out to other sites that can provide venue and location information.  

Or if you've got some content to add send it to me and I'll either add it to this page or create a new page depending on what it is and how long.

Just email me with your details or info.

For now here are a few ideas to get you started: -

If you've got a hunting or gun shop nearby ask there. It's very likely they'll know of places or at least start to in the right direction. Another possibility is a fishing shop that also sells air rifles. Although not specialist sellers they may know people or hunt themselves.

Be a free pest controller
Many people get permission from farmers to shoot on their land for rabbits and other pests.

Many farmers are happy for this as they get free pest control and you get free hunting. So worth asking about.

Possible places to ask would be at the farms themselves or if that's a bit of scary thought try markets where they may sell free range products or even look them up in Yellow pages or online directories and give them a call.

The fact is that farms are big and rabbits are many so there are often plenty to go round. This was my first hunt experience - midnight lamping in a 4x4 for rabbits in Scotland. Superb!

Where does the meat come from?
You may also check with any local proper traditional type butchers as they often get hunted game and may give you a good lead to follow up.

Also worth checking forums and blogs online - Try keywords around phrases like "shooting --your area name--"

Clubs and Associations
Your local gun club - Even if they only do targets on an indoor range there's a good chance they'll be able to point you the right way.

Syndicates -
If you can find one...Prices from cheap to mega bucks. In many cases it's simply group clubbing their money together to be able to afford to rent a shoot area from a landowner. If you can find a good one this can give you some great places to shoot.

And check out the BASC website -
British Association for Conservation and Shooting have an excellent directory page for shooting clubs and places to hunt and shoot as well as a ton of other info on hunting and shooting in the UK AND outside the UK.

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