How To Zero A Rifle Scope or sight

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Survival and Hunting Skills downloads Worst case scenario survival handbook US Army Sniper Guide Free shooting skills downloads Worst case scenario survival handbooks US Army Sniper Guides
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101 Ways to Prepare for Emergencies and Survive Disasters

The title of this one says it all! 16 pages of good solid common sense that's obvious when you read it but you may not have thought of before.

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This is just a small part of my Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide which has this as a bonus extra. Have a look at it, no it's not free, (hey got to make some money somehow!) but it does come with an 8-week money back promise so if survival and emergency planning is of any sort of intrerest I urge you to at least have a look - This is my very own publication, I think it's rather good and hope you do too!

  • How to build your own pro survival kit.
  • How to navigate by the sun and stars? You can annoy your friend by going "that's north that is" and then explaining how you know that just from looking at the suns position or moss on a tree! (yes really)
  • How to survive in the desert, at sea, the jungle, on a desert island
  • How to survive car crashes, blizzards, hurricanes, fires and terrorist attacks
Learn how to deal with and survive natural and man-made disasters and emergencies in the "Worst Case Survival Guide"Download it here

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Learn all about rifle scopes, shooting, marksmanship, camouflage, how to make hides and how to track targets in the US Army Sniper Guide. Download it here

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130+ Military Audio Books to Download - all open in new window -

For example

Act of War  Dreamland: Razor's Edge Gettysburg Day 1 - Good Ground Navy Seals - Blacklight



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