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What Rifle Scope Mounts To Buy?

If I had a £ for every time I've been asked...

Mount Width
There are 2 types of mounts: Standard and Weaver and within the types high, medium and low types.
See my ebay shop Rifle Mounts section for both types.

  • Standard mounts are the ones most commonly used on Air Rifles and Paintball guns.

  • They are for dovetail sight rails of between 9 and 13mm wide between the receivers.

example dovetail standard 11mm railá

Weaver mounts are for 20mm wide bases, very common on Airsoft rifles

  • Weaver bases are normally flat bases that sit on top of the rifle body with horizontal grooves across the top and dovetail type sides.

  • They are very common on Airsoft rifles and also found on custom air weapons and full bore big boys!

Here's an example. This is a double rail where you could fit something like a torch or laser on the side as well.

Measurement across top is 20mm (5/8")

weaver or picatinny rail example

If in doubt measure across the top of your rifle to make sure or email me with your make and model, or, even better, a link to a website with a good picture of it.

There are a few, mainly older rifle models that take odd sizes like 16mm.

  • There are mounts out there for these but they're hard to find and I don't stock them.
  • It's worth asking the likes of (UK) who do lots of types.

High - Medium - Low (medium and high shown here)

rifle scope mounts - High and Low MountsDescribes how high they lift the riflescope off the rifle body. As a rule:

Low - Upto 32mm lens

Medium - 32mm-42mm lens

High - 40mm+ (overlaps a little with medium) Needed so the scope lens does not ground out on the rifle body

I only sell medium and high, it makes things a lot simpler and medium are fine for smaller scopes. 

Mount Diameter

The 2 types are 25 and 30mm to fit the 2 main riflescope body diameters.

25mm is the most common type of riflescope so most mounts are for this. It tens to be the case that 30mm ones are started to be 30mm and if it is not said so then you can assume them to be 25mm.

Mount Design

1 or 2 piece are the 2 main types. 2 piece in the picture above.

2 piece is the most common and cheapest. It is a pair of mounts each fitting individually to the rifle base rail. For most cases, unless you're doing high power shooting 2 piece will do the job.

1 piece is where both rings are part of a single body as you can see in this picture. They tend to be more expensive than 2 piece but in turn are more solid and less likely to slip. 

 1 piece rifle scope mount

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Learn how to deal with and survive natural and man-made disasters and emergencies in the "Worst Case Survival Guide"Download it here


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