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Air rifle cleaning kits - why do you need one?

The obvious one first. You go out, it gets wet. You don't clean it afterwards and things start to get rusty and after a while you notice that the action is horrible and your shots don't go as far as they used to or penetrate as far. In short you're rifle becomes a bit crap!

Simple pre and post use maintenance can solve this easily and doesn't take long.

  • Simply oil moving parts.
  • Grease springs.
  • Clean gunk out of the barrel.

For best results use products designed specifically for rifle care. My favourite is the Bisley range. They do a great set of brushes and barrel cleaners and another superb set of mixed oils and greases that covers all the bases. Get one or something like it.

Cleaning = More power for your rifle

Not only does good cleaning take the danger of falling power and range away - it can actually significantly improve it. Here's a story from a customer of mine -

Fired a milbro Jet at the yellow pages, and buried itself 450 pages. U sed the Abbey oils and greases, spring, trigger, lever, sear, etc etc. and the  Bisley barrel cleaning kit and apart from being much smoother and quieter, got up  to about 700 pages in the big yellow book.

Nuff said - So if you don't have, as they'd say in the US, a "cleaning solution" then get one sorted out quick.

Bisley rifle cleaning kit



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